Increased control
and security

It's something we've all gone through. The trailer connector that gets loose, the trailer lights that go out unexpectedly, and the wiring that become increasingly frayed.

We wondered why, with today's innovative technology and as many as five million trailers in the Nordics, there isn't a safer and easier alternative.


Our couplings are suitable for most types of cars, trailers and tractors.

  • Made in Norway.
  • Reliable, high-quality solution.
  • Fits most types of trailers.

Our partners

  • Terje Frydenlund
    We at Gaupen Henger AS, as Norway's leading supplier of trailers, are concerned with innovation and quality. That is why we appreciate the collaboration with the innovative growth company Movation AS - good ideas developed for tough Norwegian conditions and good partners contribute to safer roads and better solutions.
    Terje Frydenlund
    Gaupen-Henger AS

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We are a seasoned team with over 100 years of combined expertise in the worldwide ICT business.

Based in Skien, we share a strong dedication and enthusiasm for innovation, greater safety, and fewer road accidents in Norway and across the world.